Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Mental disorders affect millions of us. You are not alone! The Center for Recovery Awareness wants to share that there can be an end to these disorders. Life can be filled with confusion, pain, fear, and isolation. This website was specifically created to provide awareness that recovery from mental illness is possible. We will share information, options and resources for recovery solutions. We have learned that there are many treatment options available to help. With proper treatment we have found that we can live normal and fully functional lives.

Recovery is different for everyone, but it doesn't have to be an uphill battle.  While mental illness changes your life no matter where you fall on the recovery continuum, there is hope of living life rather than existing or surviving.  Too often we focus on mental illness and the dismal reports that there is no hope for relief from the diagnosis.  On these pages we hope to show you feedback from consumers, resources, and research which says that recovery is possible, in fact in many instances probable.  Getting ready for change is a consistent part of every day life.  For those with mental illness change can be positive. The message we want to send is recovery is a reality not a fantasy the right information, connections, treatment, and tools will help you get there.   

The information posted on this website is not intended to replace mental health treatment
but is to be used in conjunction with treatment.


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